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Passage Blanket


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The Seljak Passage blanket is a soft, lighter-weight blanket suited to cool breezes. It can be used as a throw for the couch and the bed, for outdoor dining or taking to the moonlight cinema. This blanket is made with yarn spun in Italy out of old woollen jumpers and garments.

70% recycled wool, 25% polyamide, 5% recycled other fibres

Made in Lithuania

180cm x 130cm


Fringe finish

Carbon neutral, closed-loop, sustainable, ethically made

“Passage is an ode to the architecture of a wave, an experience common to the coastline of Australia. When a wave arcs, for a moment in time, there is space created. In this instant, decisions must be made about what to do. As oceans warm and sea levels rise, they must be made quickly. To ride a wave is a journey, and through its arc a window of hope can be seen.” – Karina Seljak