Calf Sock - Stormy Blue


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The Calf Sock - Keep the latter warm, all the way down to your toes with our calf length socks.

Paire socks have a thoughtfully designed blend of Australian Merino wool and organic combed cotton. Smoother softer, moisture-wicking and odour absorbing (read: not stinky). A true fabric chameleon – warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

They have a perfectly elasticated cuff. Tight enough to stay up, but loose enough to ensure you never get that I-just-stepped-out-of-my-socks-and-the-blood-hasn’t-yet-reached-my-feet look.

Materials - 89% Supreme CoolBlend (50% Australian Merino Wool, 50% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton), 10% Recycled Polyester, 1% Spandex. 

Colour - Stormy Blue

Social responsibility is the common thread of Paire. Co-founder, Rex, spent a good year finding just the right blend of Merino wool and sustainably sourced cotton. In fact, he was born into a textile family, so your socks were part of many a dinner conversation. Strange, but true. Paire is vertically integrated so they own the entire supply chain. The only corners they cut are at 90 degrees – just like your foot.