Moonlit Candlestick - Honey


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The Moonlit Candlesticks represents the light from a full moon.

These candles are handmade using 100% Beeswax and a cotton wick.  

They come unscented, but you may notice a slight honey scent from the beeswax. 

The colour of the candles may differ from what you see on screen, due to the different batches of beeswax. 

The candlesticks are designed to fit into a standard candlestick holder. Please ensure you gently twist the end into the candlestick so it’s secure.   

Each “moon” will burn for approximately an hour, burn only until the 2nd to last “moon” and discard the remaining wax.

Approximate height: 21cm 

All Someday candles are handmade, so no two candles are exact. 

Due to the design of the candle, there may be some small air bubbles visible, this does not affect the candle burning experience.