Essential Oil Candle - Native


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Native - Lemon Myrtle, Blue Gum, Manuka

Our uplifting Australian native essential oil blend, fresh base notes of eucalyptus with crisp mid & top notes of lemon myrtle & Manuka. A rich, refreshing & uplifting candle perfect for larger spaces. Hand blended with an all natural vegetable wax (Coconut & Soy). Synthetic fragrance-free.

Small Size approx Burn time - 40+ hours 

Large Size approx Burn Time - 70+ hours

Candle Care  

To get maximum burn time from your candle, please read the below care tips. 

- When lighting your candle for the first time please allow the wax to melt completely to the outer edges. 

- trim wick before each burn 

- Do not burn candle for longer than 3 hours, allow to cool before relighting

- Dip wick in wax to extinguish flame or use a candle snuffer to minimise smoking