Let's Play Outdoors! Exploring Nature for Children


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! see a trail of paw prints! Where might they lead, and who has made them?

So many stars in the night sky! What are the constellations, and what stories do the stars have to tell?

Building shelters, making campfires and learning about storytelling, or practicing the skills of the scientist who knows every type of butterfly and bug in the garden - there are so many things to see and do outdoors!

For little nature detectives, naturalists, scientists, astronomers, architects and way-finders of all types, this detailed and engaging book by Catherine Ard and Melbourne based illustrator Clara McRae will be something to treasure and explore for years to come. 

Let's Play Outdoors is carefully designed to appeal to creative minds and is filled with activities to inspire the kind of independent learning that sets curious kids up for success - and just might inspire a life-long passion!

Let's Play Outdoors makes an outstanding gift for little ones (and their bigger friends) with a love of nature, as well as being a brilliant inspiration for getting up off the couch and into the wild.