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Crush Me Pepper & Salt Grinder - Black Oak

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Crush Me grinders for salt and pepper are made in a simple timeless design. The mills are made of black painted oak, and contain a high-end ceramic grinder mechanism from CrushGrind. The grind mechanism is adjustable and the content dispenses differently, depending on how the grinders are angled. Crush Me has a flat bottom that shields steam, which prevents the content from lumping.

SIZE: H 14cm, Diameter 5.5cm

COLOUR: Black Oak

Designed and manufactured in Denmark.


by Wirth


"Design with longevity" - a vision from by Wirth, who since 2011 has conquered country after country with its long lasting design philosophy. Behind the brand, you’ll find Signe Wirth Engelund, with 20 years’ experience as a Designer and Men’s Tailor. The world has embraced by Wirth’s simple, warm Nordic style; today the brand’s designs are sold in 15 countries worldwide.