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Beach Towel - Raspberry


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The Cloth & Co. organic cotton beach towels are a flat weave with a unique texture made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton making them soft and absorbent. They are light and easy to carry for travel and throwing in your beach bag. The Cloth & Co. towels are all lovingly hand-loomed by a women’s cooperative of traditional weavers in the foothills of Tamil Nadu in Southern India.

100cm x 200cm

This is a beautiful hand crafted product so we ask that you care for it accordingly. There are no chemical detergents used and we recommend a gentle wool wash. Please do not dry in direct sunlight.

As organic cotton is not absorbent initially, soaking before washing can help speed up the process of 'breaking-in' the cotton, allowing it to become absorbent more quickly.

When soaking for the first time, please ensure the towel is completely saturated with water, using your hands to work the water into the fibres if necessary. Please note that the towels may need pre-soaking and washing three or four times before becoming fully absorbent.

They require a bit of work initially but it is worth it to have beautifully sustainable cotton towels that will last and last.