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Cora Laundry Ball


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Cora Microfibre Ball in Blue

This is a great answer to microplastics and microfibres that are in our clothes and end up in our waterways and the food chain. Included: 1 Ball. The ball is made from recycled and recyclable soft and stretchy plastic. It is 100% recyclable.

Within the food chain, these particles have been found to cause physical and chemical impacts, resulting in starvation and reproductive consequences in species. Microplastics and microfibers have also been found in marine species directly consumed by humans, the effects of which are as yet unknown.

The Cora Ball goes in your washing machine and catches microfibres in the washing so you can keep them out of our waterways. It will last years and also helps with pet hair too! We have cats in our household and this has been very handy! Note it won't just catch pet hair on its own, it needs other microfibres for the optimum result and isn't a magic bullet for pet hair but certainly helps. 

For most homes, one Cora Ball will do the job. For large families, especially with a large washing machine, we recommend up to 3. The Cora Ball catches up to a third of the microfibers per load, per Cora Ball based on Cora Ball's testing. Cora Ball are working with a third party currently who are also testing the product and they will release their studies and research as soon as they are available. The effectiveness depends on several factors including what items are in the load, wash settings, wash frequency and the presence of pet hair (which helps catch fibers)!

Clothing like fleece tends to produce more microfibres so after washing these garments you are likely to see more lint. You do not need to clean after every wash, just when there is a build up of lint. This can take quite a few washes especially if your clothes have already been washed multiple times. 

Made in Vermont. Comes with no packaging other than a swing tag. 


How To Use It

  1. Put it in your washing machine with your clothes. It works in a front loader, top loader (with or without a center spindle), a hybrid, or whatever you have that washes your clothes.
  2. Do not use with delicates. The Cora Ball works best with your everyday clothes. Please separate your delicates, knits, fine fabrics, anything with tassels, fraying threads or spaghetti straps. There is a chance that these clothes, fabrics, threads or straps work their way into the stalks and wrap, pull or worse. Just keep your Cora Ball on the shelf when you wash these fabrics and delicate garments.
  3. Clean Your Cora Ball. Cleaning is easy and similar to cleaning a hairbrush. When you see fuzz/lint balls that are big enough to grab, simply pull them out and dispose of responsibly. We don't know of a way to recycle the lint fibres (similar to lint from your dryer) but this keeps them out of waterways.
  4. Frequency: it will take some time, weeks even, for you to see the fuzz/lint (see below for what to expect). We recommend having a look every bunch of washes and when you see a big fuzz/lint ball, take it out. Don't worry about cleaning the whole Cora Ball. Those little tangles of hair and fiber will attract more hair and fiber and grow big enough for you to grab easily.