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Afternoon Tea 50g


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A wholesome post-noon blend of China, Kenya and Ceylon black teas. Featuring notes of malt and warm citrus, with a subtle smokiness and an alluring touch of rose. Best enjoyed straight.

Serving instructions: Steep 1 tsp per cup in freshly boiled water for 4 minutes. 

Anatomy of a blend: Intertwining fruit and floral elements of rose and mandarin peel deliver a syrupy smooth blend that is a vibrant, ample-bodied afternoon pick-me-up. The synergy between the natural citrus-like characteristics of Kenya 'Milima' GFBOP is married perfectly with the medium-bodied Ceylon 'Davora' BOP1. Keemun of Anhui Province, China lends a delicate smokiness with a delightful floral taste.     

Ingredients: China, Kenya and Ceylon black teas, organic rose petal (India), mandarin peel (China).