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Masala Chai 50g


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The classic Masala Chai featuring freshly ground spices blended with a quality mid-strength Ceylon black tea. Carefully prepared to midway between spiciness and smoothness, it is sure to please every palate.


Serving instructions: Steep 1 tsp per cup (250mL) in gently simmering water or milk for 3-5 minutes. Add an extra teaspoon of tea when steeping over a stovetop for a stronger brew.

Anatomy of a blend: Customer request guided the formation of this blend, featuring earthy, peppery, sweet aromatics and hard-shelled spices meld with a broken leaf Ceylon ‘Kenilworth’ BOP1. Unlike the Assam CTC that is typical of an authentic Masala Chai, the unusual choice of a mid-strength orthodox style Sri Lankan tea in this blend relieves the astringency, boldness and overwhelming spiciness in favour of a balanced profile that can be brewed for longer.

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, organic peppercorn (India), organic cassia (Sri Lanka), organic fennel seeds (India), organic cardamom (India), organic ginger (India), organic star anise (Vietnam), organic clove (Sri Lanka), organic allspice (Guatemala), organic nutmeg (Sri Lanka).