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Endeavour Breakfast Tea 50g Pouch


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Single origin · Award winning · Vibrant, mid-bodiedBrimming with complex character, our take on English Breakfast features a quality, single estate-grown Assam black tea TFGOP1 from the award-winning plantations of Chota Tingrai. This vibrant, mid-bodied blend is smooth and warming. Excellent served as is, but also holds its character with the addition of milk.

Tasting notes

Malt, warm wood, spice

Assam ‘Chota Tingrai’ TGFOP1 from the Tinsukia region of India lends strength and briskness, with malt and spice elements, delivering all-round taste, strength and smooth-drinking pleasure.

Brewing instructions

Steep 1 tsp/200ml of freshly boiled water for 4–5 minutes. Enjoy straight or with milk as desired.


100% Assam black tea.