Masala Chai Tea 50g Pouch


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Single estate tea · Great chilled or hot · Strong and aromatic

As authentic as they come, this Masala Chai is naturally unapologetic for its extremely bold character. It features a premium single estate Assam CTC tea that is full-bodied, semi-sweet and malty, blended in perfect proportion with whole and freshly ground spices.

You won’t find a more robust tea for preparing hot or cold, which is ideally suited for preparation on a stovetop with a generous helping of milk and lashings of honey.

This Masala Chai is produced entirely in-house by our friends at Chota Tingrai, a family-owned estate located within the region of Tinsukia, Assam. In 2017, this estate was winner of the Global Tea Championship, recognising Chota Tingrai as one of the world’s best producers of Assam tea.

Tasting notes

Astringent, malty, root spices

This rendition of the world-renowned Masala Chai is made using select, whole and freshly ground spices in perfect proportion with a single-estate Assam black tea. Although perfectly suited to brewing with hot water alone, this blend is best prepared in the traditional manner by decoction with boiling milk, allowing the tea and spices to be fully expressed over stovetop. It has a long, lingering finish that pleases the senses.

Brewing instructions

Steep 1 tsp per 180ml in gently simmering water or milk for 3-5 minutes. Add an extra teaspoon of tea when steeping over a stove top for a stronger brew.


Assam black tea, ginger, clove, star anise, cardamom, black pepper.