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Matcha Kotobuki Tea 40g Canette


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Organic and single origin, ceremonial grade green tea

Matcha Kotobuki is produced from the highest quality Tencha that is slowly stone ground into powder in Uji, Kyoto. The tea is made of tender spring leaf, grown and harvested along the Kirishima volcanic mountain range of Kagoshima.

Produced with quality in mind, the slow rotation of the mill means that a mere 40g of exceptional quality matcha is produced per hour. 


Makizono, Kagoshima, Japan. Yabukita cultivar.

Prior to plucking, the tea bushes are shaded for 20 days to increase chlorophyll and amino acid concentration. Once harvested, the leaves are steamed, blended, de-stemmed and chilled. Every batch of Matcha Kotobuki is in fact a ratio of new and/or previous season’s leaf, masterfully blended to ensure the most mellow, creamy flavour that is virtually absent of bitterness and astringency.

Tasting notes

Vegetal, umami, floral

Prepared as a usucha, or light ceremonial broth, the liquor is creamy, bright and fragrant. With the use of a quality chasen, Matcha Kotobuki is easily whipped into a heavenly velvet-like texture. The taste is wonderfully balanced between sweet and savoury, with light vegetal and floral notes.

Kotobuki roughly translates to 'blessing', a distinguishing mark for matcha of this kind of pedigree with an intense verdancy, high antioxidant concentration and sustained umami aftertaste.

Pair this tea with:

Charcoal cooked white-fleshed fish with herbed butter

Cold terrine of grilled summer vegetables

Roasted brassica salad with chestnut oil, lemon rind

Fresh cow's milk cheeses such as brie and mozzarella

Rice mochi, preserved figs, dates and chilled tropical fruit