Long Sleeve Tee - Sage


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Fibre For Good boasts a wonderful range of beautiful baby's clothing and accessories which are made from organically grown cotton. No chemicals are used to control insects or weeds or to add nutrients to the soil, and crops rely on rainwater.

This long sleeve tee is for those days when the cooler weather moves in. Crew neck allows for easier, stress-free dressing and undressing.


Product Details:

Made from 100% chemical-free Organic Natural Colour Cotton

1 x 1 rib for comfort and movement

Edge binding

Enveloped neck line

Adjustable sleeve cuff to protect baby from sharp nails

100% hypoallergenic


886 Litres of water were saved producing this garment compared to a commercially produced garment.


Learn more about Fibre For Good's Organic Cotton:

As the cotton grows the same colour it will be when it becomes cloth, there is no need to bleach or dye it. In fact, the colour intensity is entirely up to Mother Nature. That’s why Fibre For Good garments have a subtle ‘marle’ look – and also why they say they come in ‘shades’ of Winter White, Wheat or Sage.

Fibre for Good cotton is softer and hardier than commercially grown cotton and is naturally anti-static, non-pilling and hypoallergenic, with an excellent natural UV Protection Factor (UPF). Their cotton is also better for the planet, using no dyes or bleach, 70-80% less water than commercially grown cotton and has a negligible carbon footprint.

In 2018 Carl and Fiona founded Fibre for Good. A shared passion to deliver quality organic products in the most responsible and sustainable way forms the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy.

It has taken time for them to build a certified and sustainable supply chain and now Carl and Fiona are ready to introduce the first Fibre for Good products to the market, starting with baby wear.