100 Aussie Things We Know and Love


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About 50 Tim Tams are made every second, so give or take your reading speed, by the time you finish reading this another 500 chocolate rectangles of happiness will have entered the world.

Tim Tams are just one of the 100 Aussie Things We Know and Love in this funny and nostalgic look at Australia’s cultural quirks.  Featuring illustrations by artist Anna Blandford of Able and Game, and chock-a-block with entertaining and fascinating facts, 100 Aussie Things We Know and Love celebrates the things we Aussies know, love... or love to hate. 



Bunny Banyai is a copywriter who lives with her two daughters, her stepdaughter and a partner more adept than most at ponytails and plaits. Together with her friend, Madeleine Hamilton, they form a dynamic duo, taking all the love and frustration that comes with motherhood and turning it into witty and practical advice for the modern-day parent. Their blog shitonmyhands.tumblr.com has a large online following.