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Kawan Duck Mini - Natural Rubber


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1 eco-friendly baby toy with 3 great functions – Playing – Teething – Bathing

Iconic HEVEA Non-Toxic, Pure Natural Rubber Duck Kawan Mini, Designed with no holes, free of mold and best of all, plastic-Free

Kawan Mini is HEVEA’s smallest addition to the best-selling Kawan range of toys. Mini is the cute baby brother, painted exclusively with pure natural colours, and its shape and design encourages the baby’s sensation of touch and stimulates the development of baby’s vision.

Kawan comes in a cute box, perfect for both girls and boys, made from FSC® certified paper.

100% pure natural rubber, free of phthalates, PVC and BPA

Hand painted with pure natural plant pigments

Soft, malleable and easy for tiny hands to grasp.

The patterned texture on beak and feet, which is ideal for soothing and massaging irritated gums

The elasticity of the rubber makes is perfect to chew on

The colour contrast stimulates and encourages the development of baby vision

Floats on water

The one-piece design it has no cracks or joints for bacteria to hide in = very hygienic

Package Dimensions (W | L | H): 9.5 x 7 x 14 cm

Product Size: ca. 8 x 7.5 cm

Material Type: Natural rubber, Natural plant pigment colours

Colour: Dusty Mint

Safety Standard: EN 71 Incl. German PaH + US & CAN: CPSIA/ASTM/CHPA/CCPSA

Country of Origin: Morocco

Cleaning: The bathing toys should be cleaned by hand or in a machine especially suitable for rubber. They should not be washed in a dishwasher. For a more natural approach to cleaning your bath toys, use vinegar. Mix four parts white vinegar to one part warm water. Submerge the toys completely or apply the solution to each toy with a sponge.

Note: Hevea is made from 100% natural rubber which isn’t conserved or given added antioxidants to keep it light yellow. So the bath toy might change colour as time goes by.

ATTENTION – safety instructions: Do not tear apart the toy. Please check daily or before use by pulling on the different parts that the bath toy is in a good condition. If you notice rifts or other changes on the toy, it should be discarded. A few children are allergic to natural rubber. Therefore take care to allergic reactions and do not use the bath toys any longer if allergic reactions should occur.