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Natural Rubber Bath Mat - Natural


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This bath mat made of natural rubber and provides a non-slip surface for your little one in the bath tub. With over 200 suction cups, the pollution-free eco bath mat from HEVEA keeps firmly adhered to the bottom of the bath tub.

Comply to the European PAHs, GS Mark certification

Size: 55 x 32 cm

Cleaning: Please rinse the bath mat after use with clean water. Always rinse thoroughly shower gel and bath products. After use the mat has to be dried thoroughly to prevent mould formation.

Warning – ATTENTION: Do not leave your child unattended in the bathtub. Check daily or before use by pulling on the different parts that the bath mat is in good condition. If you notice any fissures or other changes, it should be discarded. Hevea is made from 100% natural rubber, which darkens with time. Some children are allergic to natural rubber and you should discontinue use.

About Hevea

Sustainability provides the best survival conditions for people and the environment – now and in the future. Hevea is sustainable, because Hevea will do its best to look always for new cost-saving opportunities, reuse and recycling options. The products of Hevea are made of 100 % natural rubber. Natural rubber is a natural and environmentally friendly material that is obtained from trees of a sustainable plantation in Malaysia. The packaging is made from biodegradable recycling material.

Natural Rubber

The rubber trees grow in tropical regions. The trees are between 15 and 30 meters tall and have a trunk diameter of up to one meter. The trees are between five and eight years old before the plantation workers can harvest the first latex. To get the latex, the bark it is cut at an angle. Usually this happens before dawn, when the sap flows best. If a rubber tree is handled carefully, it provides latex until it is 40 years old. Natural rubber instead of synthetic rubber produced from oil acts against climate change. By increasing the number of trees less fossil fuels are consumed. Rubber trees provide work for around 30 million people around the world.