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On a quest to save 1 million tires from landfills, Indosole is giving them new life as the soles of our everyday footwear.

Waste tires sit in stockyards, illegal dumping sites, and even rivers. In tropical countries, tires can become breeding grounds for mosquitos, which lead to nasty diseases like malaria and dengue fever.

Due to their structure, tires take thousands of years to decompose. So technically the first tire ever made is still out there somewhere.

In third world countries, tires are used as a cheap alternative for fuel. This, along with tires that catch fire due to lightning storms, result in toxic oils and fumes that are harmful to human health. 


+ Recycled tire soles

+ Contoured natural rubber footbed

+ Embedded arch support

+ Waterproof

+ Comfortable ENVRO fiber strap lined with microfiber

+ Light and flexible at approx. 284g (10oz)

+ Made without animals or the use of fuel powered machinery