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Masking Tape MT - Boxed Set of 10 - Pastel Colours


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With a colour to match or contrast any wrapping paper, this boxed set of 10 rolls of tape measuring 15mm wide in pastel colours is a must for any gift shop, bookstore or florist. As the final element of a well presented product or present, or even as the tape that attaches the receipt, care and an eye for detail can be expressed clearly through their everyday use. 

Achieving a cult status around the world among artists, students, bloggers and teachers, the Japanese brand Masking Tape has propelled the humble beige stationery item into a unique and innovative craft and design object. 

Utilising the characteristics of Japanese rice paper, each Masking Tape roll is textured and can be written on, is easy to remove and does not leave stains, offering an abundance of creative and decorative uses.

QUANTITY: 1 box x 10 rolls of tape

SIZE: 15mm x 10m

EXTRAS: Gift Boxed

MATERIALS: Traditional Japanese washi paper, cello wrapped

SOURCE: Made in Japan