Honey Test Tube Sampler


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Honey made by Melbourne bees - with a little help from some human pals!

The team at Melbourne City Rooftop Honey tend beehives positioned on rooftops in central Melbourne, as well as in private backyards in our inner city and city fringe neighbourhoods.

All of our current stock of Honey tubes is Postcode Melbourne 3000... which means it was harvested from bees in central Melbourne!

Urban beekeeping has had a renaissance over the last decade, and across the world bees in Paris, New York, Istanbul, Berlin, Tokyo and Melbourne are helping to maintain the health and biodiversity of the flora and fauna of all manner of urban areas. Planting bee-friendly gardens or balcony-boxes to provide forage for pollen-gathering bees is just one way to support this lovely initiative, and purchasing a pyrex travel tube of Melbourne Rooftop Honey is another!

Bees travel up to four kilometres when they collect pollen, and each hive produces different tasting honey that also varies from season to season. You really can taste the difference between kinds of honey from St Kilda, the city and north of the river! 

Ingredients: 100 percent unblended honey, made by bees foraging within the Melbourne CBD, postcode 3000.

Dimensions (mm): 125 x 16 pyrex glass with screw top lid, labelled with neighbourhood origin.

*This product cannot be shipped interstate or overseas.