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Organic Cotton Baby Wipes - 8 Pack


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Great value Organic Cotton Washable & Reusable Baby Wipes. The only ingredient is Pure Organic Cotton. Simply add water or these super soft organic wipes dry. The box is 100% recyclable. No Plastic Packaging. We recommend 2 or 3 boxes per baby which is $800 cheaper than disposables –  Worth a try? 

We recommend the following ways to use your BABY WIPES BOX OF 8 that best suits your routine.

Use Dry as they are for wet poo’s and urine

Soak in Small solution of baby wash with water or coconut oil with water in the morning so they are ready to use wet throughout the day

Add water as you go for a wet wipe that is fresh and only has water from a source you know about

Add one single drop of Lavender or Chamomile to a bowl of warm water for a lovely smelly baby wipe

Not just a nappy wipe, use at bath time to gently wash your babies skin

If you use cloth nappies, add to your cloth nappy bucket for washing

NO SPECIAL WASHING INSTRUCTIONS – organic cotton is very hardy. These can be washed with your clothes or with your nappies.