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Harriet Oil Burner


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What has become a beautiful morning ritual, lighting a tea-light and waiting for the beautiful sense of eucalyptus or lavender to fill my house.  This little Harriet Oil Burner makes it all so much sweeter. 

Measurements + Materials: 

Roughly 100mm wide, 100mm high and 100mm in depth. Please note due to the handmade nature measurements may vary slightly. 

Handmade using a beautiful sandy stoneware clay. 

Dipped in an earthy red and soft white speckled glaze. This glaze colouration comes from an iron reaction that happens in the kiln when firing, therefore no pieces will ever be exactly the same… But that is the beauty of them.

Sanded where the clay is raw so they are smooth in texture, and wont scratch any surface they are placed on. 

Ethically and sustainably handmade in Australia.