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Sandy Drop Studs


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The ceramic stud is 1.5cm in diameter. Fixed onto a nickel free silver stud, finished with a quality, butterfly backing. A sterling silver ring, attaches the perfect, little 3cm diameter circle.

Every glaze varies slightly, meaning sometimes the colour will look slightly dusty pink, and other times more ochre.

Both variations are beautiful, and an organic part of the firing process.

Handcrafted ceramic and sterling silver jewellery. Made from Australian stoneware clay. Containing an element of paper in the clay makeup, allowing pieces to be lighter in weight and stronger in body. Glazed for unique colouration, alway slightly changing due to application and firing temperature. All sterling silver findings are hand sculpted to the ceramic piece they hang.

Ochre, is jewellery that asks you to admire the beauty in the details, understanding no two pieces are exactly the same.