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Kookaburra Earrings


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These cute kookaburra earrings are a unique One Happy Leaf design that's been laser cut onto honey brown bamboo wood.

Kookaburra birds are 0.4 inches (1cm) in length on surgical steel studs (to protect sensitive ears).

These super cute earrings are perfect for anyone who loves to hear the laughter of a cheeky kookaburra.

These earrings are an original One Happy Leaf design, perfect for a gal who loves the sweet Australian animals.

a) you are helping the environment (woot!) as bamboo is a renewable resource

b) this is a one of a kind One Happy Leaf design (less likely to have those awkward moments of "oh, you are wearing the same thing I am" - Eek!), and

c) you have supported a very lovely Australian crafter.