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Le Football Feminine Ball - Gold

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Le Football Féminin Peut Changer Le Monde!

Women's football can change the world!

With a nod to the FIFA Women’s World Cup host country, this ball is a shout out for female empowerment through football. Playing football inspires and empowers women and girls, it builds character, confidence, and courage to achieve goals and create brighter futures, challenging beliefs and gender stereotypes, and that can change the world.

Create impact:

Did you know, for every ball purchased, another identical ball will be passed to a girl at the Chitral Women's Sports Club in northern Pakistan. One for one. We call this our Pass-A-Ball Project! Over 8000 balls passed to kids in 23 countries.

Durable Kick tested to 4000 kicks.

Design Inspired by female soccer culture

This ball is only available in Size 5 - Suitable for ages 12 and up