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Swell Blanket


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The Seljak Swell blanket is part of our Rugged range. Swell is inspired by coastlines and watching waves roll into shore from a headland. Made of deadstock upholstery yarn at a mill in Geelong, Victoria, this durable blanket is perfect for indoors and out. Take picnicking, on an adventure or stay cosy at home with Seljak Peak.

225cm x 150cm

Whipstitch finish

96% wool | 4% nylon

Made in Australia from deadstock yarn

Closed loop, sustainable, ethically made

Extend the life of your blanket by following these care instructions.

What is deadstock yarn?

Mills are left with ‘deadstock’ yarn if it's over-ordered or their customers change their designs or quantities last minute. The yarn sits unused in the warehouse gathering dust and getting moth-eaten and eventually gets sent to landfill. The yarn in the Swell blanket is made from leftover yarn from an airline upholstery job.