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Foldable Bottle 600ml


Out of Stock

Out and About? This clever design will ensure you won't need to purchase bottled water again.


Durable Food Grade Silicone 

BPA free

Flip and Flow Nozzle

Wide lid opening for easy refill and cleaning

Practical handle for carrying

600 ml capacity

Colour Black

26.5*6.5 cm

Folding size 10*14 cm


The space saver!

When traveling off the beaten track, having a day hike or simply being in a destination where safe drinking water is not around every corner, Senda understand that our 800ml Stainless Steel bottle may not be enough to stay hydrated.

However every inch of room in your bag is important, so they bring you this easy to drink, easy to refill, foldable water bottle.

Super handy and small, conveniently always in your bag, an essential you will save heaps of single-use-plastic with!


Senda recommend before use to leave water and a couple drops of your favourite essential oil overnight to rid any initial tastes (alternatively vinegar does the trick also). 

Hand wash on a regular basis to maintain good hygiene.

Do not  use to store hot liquids.

Responsibly Made in China