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Ceramic Plate, Small, Aqua Green


Out of Stock

COLOUR: Aqua Green

SIZE: Small - 21.5 x 1.3cm (h)

MATERIALS: Ceramic with coloured glazed coating.

Serax is an extensive, design-led brand that brings beauty and function to any space. A family business that has evolved into a design force, Serax of Belgium creates an extensive range of garden and homewares products. This brand remains incredibly fresh and innovative by partnering with leading designers on each new range, with outstanding results. This is a continually evolving range. Core to its heritage are the ceramic planters and floristry vases and vessels. The brand also features stunning ceramic and dinnerware settings, functional enough to suit home or those in the hospitality sector looking to stand out. Kitchenware, storage, lighting and furniture are also being introduces to the range.