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Fur Babies Real Milestones

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You know we like to change things up around here - and we thought what better way to do that than by bringing you something for your Fur Babies!

The "Fur Babies" range of Milestone Cards is something totally new on the market, but something that we think you will absolutely love just as much as your pug or guinea pig!

Same ace design, same line of humour, and same great opportunity for taking a stack of fun pics that will have you telling your pets story for many years to come.

One Dollar from each pack of cards will be donated to the RSPCA, and, as always, we'd love to see your picks via #seriouslymilestones 

Cards include - 

-My parents accidentally left me inside all day

-Check out what I brought home

-I rolled in...

-Those rules didn't last long

-I love licking things (mainly myself, but also things)

-I got fixed (but I feel broken)

-Check out my collection

-I thought this was a good spot to go to the toilet

-I kept my humans awake ALL.  NIGHT.  LONG

-Today my humans are hungover for the first time since getting me

-Bath time fail

-You think this looks bad? You should see the vet bill...

-They blamed the fart on me

-Check out my sleep style

-Today I ate (Shoes/Poo/My human's favourite...)

-I was bored

-Today I ran away

-Please stop taking my picture human

-Today I just won't shut up