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The Art of Cake


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Cake is about so much more than just flavour. Cake is history, nostalgia, cultural DNA and therapy. Cake is also theatre. The visual forms of cake speak a language of their own. Inspired by their place of origin, to commemorate a specific event or historical figure or to prove sheer culinary audacity, cakes are an important part of any country’s culinary vernacular. Each delicacy comes to life in The Art of Cake through the charming writing and seductive illustrations. Author and illustrator Alice Oehr keenly observes the finery of cake: colours, patterns, toppings, packaging and forms of display, teaching us to fully appreciate our favourite desserts. Just like cake, this is a book to adorn any festive occasion or to be enjoyed on one’s own.


Her distinct colourful style incorporates her love of food, pattern, collage and drawing with many of her ideas having made their way onto textiles, homewares and magazines. Alongside illustration and design, Alice teaches still life classes with Apple iPads at Lamington Drive Gallery.