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The Book of Ikigai


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Ikigai is the Japanese secret to living happily and in good health. Sometimes translated as joie de vivre or raison d_àtre, it can be understood as the nexus between what brings us pleasure, what we are naturally talented at and what we believe the world truly needs.

In other words, ikigai gives us the feeling that our life makes sense...But how do we find our ikigai?

That is the purpose of this twelve-week program from reiki master Caroline de Surany. It is packed with relatable anecdotes, inspiration from ancient tradition and more than seventy playful exercises to bring you closer to your own reason for being.

It will empower you to understand your own values and where you find connection; how you feel love; what gives you a sense of place in the world and moving you towards a way of life that brings you peace of mind and lasting joy.