Pineapple AgroDolce Hot Sauce

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Made in cahoots with Melbourne's Moon Dog brewery, this sweet and sour pineapple hot(ish) sauce is absolutely fkn drinkable. There is a lot going on inside this bottle. Unlike most of Ultra Culture's sauces this one isn't fermented as they wanted to have the fresh pineapple flavour shine through, which it certainly does. It's an international rip snorter taking hints from South East Asian, Italian and Mexican cuisines.

It is  on the mild side so use it liberally on roast pork, pizza, bahn mi, salads or anything else you could think of.


Pineapple, Moon Dog lager, red wine vinegar, roast onion, green and red chillies, carrot, raisins, tamarind, brown sugar, salt, fresh coriander, fennel seeds, cinnamon 

Heat: 2/10


100% vegan & fkn YUM (contains some gluten)