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Holiday Blend Black White with Pink


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Inspired by the first-wave of sneakers from the ‘80’s, these black, white and grey blend trainers tick every box for great colourway and innovative design. They feature a pink high back ankle for support, cross over laces for easy wearing and have a thick sole to properly provide support and comfort. The Upper is made of a blend of recycled cotton and recycled synthetic fibres, with low chrome suede leather sections.

Veja hand manufacture their shoes in Brazil, where they are an accredited Fairtrade company with a transparent focus on global, social and environmental manufacturing procedures. Veja’s cotton chain is certified organic and surpasses international standards. The rubber used for the sole of the shoe is sourced by Amazonian rubber tappers who live in the forest and harvest directly from the trees, which is vital for the survival of the Amazonian rainforest. A fair price for the rubber guarantees a better income for the rubber tappers and properly supports their local traditions. Through focusing on supporting small and regional farmers to sustain environmentally sound practices the overall health of the ecosystem is ensured. It also means the farmers, their families, and the wider community are economically supported and properly taken care of. Wearing great kicks never felt (or looked) better!

  • Upper in Blend: made out of 70% of recycled cotton and 30% of recycled synthetic fibres
  • Low chrome leather sections
  • Inner sole in recycled cotton
  • Logo V made of wild rubber (60%)
  • Sole made of organic cotton and polyurethane
  • Made in Brazil