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Slow Coffee Style Stacking Mug - 320ml


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The slow coffee style stacking mug from Kinto is made for admirers of minimal design - and slow coffee!

This mug is both sturdy and stackable, ideal for daily use. The stackable base of the mug enables easy and compact storage in cupboards and drawers.

Brew a coffee or steep a tea this mug is suited to whichever beverage your heart desires. 

The stacking mug is available is various colours and is dishwasher and microwave friendly.

Kinto of Japan produces items that make the daily coffee or tea a more elegant and enjoyable experience. Known for their aesthetic, Kinto offers tableware delivered with unique design and craftsmanship that has been apparent in their range since their inception in 1972. Softly curved lines and a subtle colour palette combine to deliver gorgeous tablewares and experiences.

QUANTITY: 1 x mug

VOLUME: 320ml

FEATURES: Microwave and dishwasher safe

MATERIALS: Porcelain, matte finish

SOURCE: Designed in Japan