At Green Horse passion is what drives us—passion for quality, connection and balance. We’re a close-knit team who strive to bring beautiful brands full of purpose to you. We love the products we source not only for their charm and timeless style but also for their sustainability and their enriching impact. Through curating products that are both good for you and the planet, we want to help you find that perfect item for your wardrobe or home.

Green Horse store in Northcote Melbourne, photographed by Samee Lapham

Our brick and mortar store in Northcote, Melbourne. Photo: Samee Lapham

Green Horse started out as a popup in Westgarth in 2012, after its founder, Jacinta, successfully overcame a diagnosis of bowel cancer she received at the tender age of 21. The diagnosis and Jacinta’s background in the fashion industry spurred her to start investigating chemicals and processes used in everyday items and the impacts they had on our environment and health. She realised how even small changes can make all the difference.

Through all her searching, Jacinta couldn’t find a store that catered to her needs—somewhere that stocked sustainable brands and that focused on building life-long relationships with customers. So she set out to create one, and Green Horse was born. 

Natural beauty brands at Green Horse Northcote, photographed by Samee Lapham
Natural beauty brands sitting pretty in our Northcote store, Melbourne. Photo: Samee Lapham

Now, Green Horse has its own delightful home on High Street in the heart of Northcote, where you can see for yourself the care and quality that goes into each item. You can talk with our staff about their favourite brands like Kowtow, a fair trade clothing brand who use only 100% certified organic cotton from their factory in Kolkata where employees are empowered to live fulfilling lives; or Untouched World whose strong ethos for quality and sustainability is unrelenting and who were the first lifestyle fashion brand to be recognised by the United Nations for sustainability. Lois Hazel, a Melbourne-based brand, has a studio in Brunswick and believes in 100% transparency on sourcing and production. Lois Hazel pieces are wearable and multifunctional and have been featured on VAMFF’s discovery runway.

As well as fashion that lasts a lifetime, we also stock home-wares, makeup, books, toys, accessories, you name it, to create a lifestyle that is healthy, for you, your family and the future; Kenana Knitters employ local Kenyan women to make gorgeous and organic creatures your kids will adore. Uashmama uses washable paper that has the look and feel of leather to create reusable, sustainable and fashion-forward bags for holding all manner of items. Our makeup and skincare lines include Jacqueline Evans, Ena, Adorn, Hanami, Rohr Remedy, and Eye of Horus—incredibly popular brands to help you look your best. Our other locally-sourced Melburnian-made products include Mork Chocolate, Apiary Made sustainable food wraps, and jewellery from local makers Ernest & Joe, Abby Seymour and Wilderness Bazaar.

Green Horse is dedicated to making an impact whilst minimising our collective footprint. Our goal is to enrich the lives of those who make our clothing and lifestyle products, as well as the lives of those who use them.