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Aqua Hoops


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In one of the most famous paintings of Aphrodite she stands in an open clam shell, floating on a beautiful aqua sea. So it’s only fitting to include this exquisite pale aqua colour in this collection. The Aqua Hoops add that touch of pale blue, detailing ceramic and gold-filled beads on a simple gold hoop.

Measurements + Materials:

    Measuring at roughly 2.5cm in diameter.

    Detailing three small soft blue ceramic beads with four gold-filled beads placed in-between.

    The hoops are made of 14ct gold filled wire.

    Gold-filled jewellery has 100 times more gold alloy than gold-plated jewellery, meaning the layer of gold is so much thicker and tarnish resistant and won’t turn your earlobes green!

    Ethically and sustainably handmade in Australia.