Bin Liners / 8L - Sage


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This is not a plastic bag! Seed & Sprout's Australian Made biodegradable bin liner is a game changer.
Congratulations, you earth-saving hero! By using these bags you are helping to keep that nasty plastic stuff out of the earth. This bag size fits perfectly with Seed & Sprout's sleek and stylish Compost Bin.

Did you know most "eco" bin liners, are still not compostable? No thank you!

These bin liners comply with the Australian Standard AS4736 so you can be sure these bags will biodegrade in any environment where there is oxygen and microorganisms, including on land and in water.

Seed & Sprout create eco friendly cleaning products to protect you and your family from harsh chemicals while banishing plastic from your home. Prioritise your family's health and the health of our planet by embracing a cleaner, greener lifestyle for a happier, healthier home.

  • 1 Roll of 25 x 8L bags (Sage Green)

These Aussie Made beauties are certified compostable and contain a variety of compostable polymers so they can safely be eaten by worms and microorganisms, leaving no toxic residues or microplastics behind!