Compostable Sponge with Scourer / 4 Pack


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Tired of the waste and the harmful impact of plastic scourers on the environment? Say hello to our solution – the double-sided Compostable Kitchen Sponge!

This innovative sponge is a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic scourers. Its tough loofah layer handles scrubbing tasks effortlessly, while the cellulose sponge side excels at foaming and soaking up moisture. Together, they make an unbeatable team for your kitchen needs.

But it doesn't stop there. Unlike plastic scourers that contribute to environmental pollution, Seed & Sprout's compostable sponge offers a guilt-free solution. Not only does it reduce plastic waste, but it also decomposes naturally, ready to be added to your home compost at the end of its life cycle. This means saying goodbye to landfill-bound plastic waste – a win for the planet!

Why switch? Plastic scourers not only harm the environment but can also pose health risks. They often contain harmful chemicals that can leach into your dishes and surroundings. By opting for these compostable sponges, you're making a conscious choice for a healthier and greener lifestyle.

Join us in making a difference today! Make the switch to Seed & Sprout's Compostable Kitchen Sponge and take a stand against plastic waste. Let's create a cleaner, healthier world together, one sponge at a time.

Seed & Sprout create eco friendly cleaning products to protect you and your family from harsh chemicals while banishing plastic from your home. Prioritise your family's health and the health of our planet by embracing a cleaner, greener lifestyle for a happier, healthier home.

4 x Compostable Kitchen Sponges with Scourer on reverse side

- Fully vegan & plastic-free

- Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms

- Home compostable