Soap Dish - Terracotta


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Elevate Your Bar Storage with Seed & Sprout's Ceramic Soap Dish: Experience a new level of sophistication and practicality with soap dishes. Crafted to seamlessly blend functionality and elegance, these soap holders feature a two-layer design for optimal performance and style.

Efficient Drainage for Prolonged Freshness: Say goodbye to soggy soap bars with our bar soap holders engineered with top drainage trays. Strategically placed holes allow excess water to effortlessly escape, while the bottom tray catches runoff, ensuring your bars remain dry and fresh for longer-lasting use.

Space-Efficient and Stylish Bar Storage: Transform your bathroom or kitchen with our ceramic soap dish holders, designed for space efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Whether you opt for horizontal or vertical storage, these dishes add a touch of sophistication to any space, keeping your bars dry and within easy reach.

1 x Layered Ceramic Soap Dish in Terracotta colourway

- Beautiful way to store your Bars

- Features a top drainage tray to help keep the bars out of submerged water

- Beautiful addition to your kitchen and/or bathroom without taking up too much space

- Can store one Bar horizontally, or two vertically!

- Designed to keep your bars dry so they'll last longer