The Vege Bar - Fruit & Veg Wash


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Cleaning your fruit and vegetables has never been easier with Seed & Sprout's innovative Fruit and Veg Wash. The ultimate low-tox, plastic free and zero-waste solution. Say goodbye to unwanted residues and embrace the natural goodness of your fresh produce!

If you don’t wash your fruit & veggies, it’s time to reconsider. A quick rinse under the tap isn’t sufficient. This effective Vege Bar will restore your produce to their best state.

Crafted in Australia using essential oils, this natural produce cleaner is a game-changer you won’t want to live without. Simply fill your sink, immerse the bar, and give it all a good wash. For better results, pair it with our Vegetable Brush or Pot Scrubber. Ensure a thorough rinse before storing or eating.

The best part? Our food-safe fruit and veg cleaner leaves no aftertaste, allowing your produce to taste just as it should.

After numerous trials and careful ingredient scrutiny, Seed & Sprout's plant-based vegetable wash bars are 100% Palm Oil Free and performance guaranteed. 

Seed & Sprout create eco friendly cleaning products to protect you and your family from harsh chemicals while banishing plastic from your home. Prioritise your family's health and the health of our planet by embracing a cleaner, greener lifestyle for a happier, healthier home.

1 x Fruit & Veg Wash Bar in our Lemon & Rosemary scent | 80g 

- Plastic free & zero waste, you use it until it’s gone

- Free from Synthetic Fragrances, SLS, PEG & Silicones

- Bars are designed, developed & produced in Australia

- Gets rid of pesticides and dirt on your fresh produce so you and your family can enjoy them as close to their natural state with no aftertaste