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Whisky Glass


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Snifter meets Tumbler with this hand-blown Whisky Glass by the folks at Denver & Liely. The unique shape of the D&L Whisky Glass combines the benefits of taste and smell associated with a traditional Whisky snifter and the versatility and style of a classic tumbler.

The Denver & Liely Whisky Glass came about from an exploration into the diverse and often mysterious world of whisky. Wanting to improve on the drinking experience by exploring the deepest, darkest depths of their whisky collections, the Denver & Liely Whisky Glass was born.

Hand-blown, hand-cut and hand-polished lead-free crystal. Engineered to perfection by engineers - Denver and Liely. It is simply the best possible, highest performance whisky glass in the world.

Rated number one whisky glass in the world by Forbes magazine most recently. Also featured in Wallpaper, Vogue, Broadsheet, Mens Health, Financial Review, Harrods Magazine, Singapore Airlines magazine, Cool Hunter and the list goes on. Google it. 

The D&L Whisky glass allows true exploration into the depths of your favourite drop. Neat - On Ice - Cocktails – Whisky the way you like.

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